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Sukhwinder Maths Point

Sukhwinder's Maths Point Tutoring

Together All the Way to Success

About Me

Sukhwinder Maths Point's owner is Sukhwinder Kumar. He is a professional, promising person, and results in an oriented home tutor to provide superiority in education. Sukhwinder Kumar is a highly-skilled, professional, and result-oriented teacher. Sukhinder Maths Point uses an esoteric method of teaching to inspire the students to take a proper interest in their studies. Sukhwinder Maths Point provides tutoring assistance to individuals at adjustable timing.




Deen Dayal Upadhaya College Delhi University

1995 - 1998

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Our About

Sukhwinder Maths Point

Unique Learning

SukhwinderMathsPoint provides tuition classes for Maths Students who prefer our tutoring services are from the best-notch schools in Delhi.

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Simple Teaching Techniques

Provide Simple Solutions

Provided students with weekly progress notes, setting learning objectives and tracking their improvements



  • ​Online Tuitions for Distant Student

  • Printed & Digital Notes.

  • Weekly Tests.

  • Short Batches.

  • ​Available on WhatsApp on Weekend.

Why Us

Sukhwinder Maths Point's objective is to Improve your Bad Grades through an Experienced Tutor

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